Nishlis legal marketing brings to you, “Business Development and Leadership for female lawyers” a comprehensive online programme geared and designed towards advancing women in law who seek to enhance their communications, marketing, and business development performance.  The programme is composed of five sessions, starting September 11th, and every two weeks following that.

This unique course will bring together female lawyers from around the globe and help them gain hands-on knowledge. The practical strategies offered on the course with real-world applications, will address issues that are uniquely impacting on participants when it comes to business development.

During the course, participants will also be taught about critical business skills that are necessary for developing a balanced, satisfying and authentic career. 

The programme is designed with women in mind who are senior associates and/or junior to mid-level partners, with the aim to learn about valuable business development tips and insight from leading marketing and business development experts. 

Given the international nature of the course, participants will be able to leverage this programme also for their networking benefit, referrals, and professional support. For instance, by being referees for one another in legal directory submissions, which can help propel legal careers for female lawyers in a usually male-dominated industry.

So, don’t let the opportunity pass you by to unlock the potential of furthering your legal career as a woman in law with expert guidance at the Business Development and Leadership for female lawyers programme. 

Course Details:

Sessions: 5 online sessions

Session Length: 1.5 hours each 

Registration: June 26th – August 31st, 2024

Start date: September 11th, 11:00 UK time (and every second week following that)

Fee: USD 1,500. Fee for Nishlis Legal Marketing clients: USD 1,000.

Register following this link, or emailing your interest to [email protected]

Why choose this programme?

  • Empowering Women: Gain essential skills and strategies to thrive in a male-dominated industry.
  • Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from industry professionals committed to supporting women’s advancement.
  • Networking opportunities: Expand your network within a supportive community of fellow women in law.
  • Tailored for Success: Receive practical guidance to overcome unique challenges and achieve your career goals.

Course Curriculum:

Session 1 (September 11th, 11:00 UK time) – Effective business development in today’s dynamic legal world-Idan Nishlis, CEO Nishlis Legal Marketing

Familiarize with current legal trends shaping and affecting the industry, in order to learn the differences between marketing, business development, client development and client retention. We will also discuss personal brand building and how to leverage yours. 

Session 2 (September 25th, 11:00 UK time) – Propel your personal brand with the means of social media – Eleni Chalkidou, Director Strategic Communications, Nishlis Legal Marketing

Learn how to create visibility by harnessing the power of social media by using social media effectively. Be taught effective communication tips and techniques to amplify your voice and boost your personal brand.

Session 3 (October 9th, 11:00 UK time): Climbing the individual legal directory rankings – Galit, Managing Director Submissions Department, Nishlis Legal Marketing.

Learn that crafting compelling submissions is not enough to elevate rankings: This session will teach you and provide insights, tips and tricks on additional factors that are crucial to climbing the individual legal directory rankings such as peer reviews and client feedback. 

Session 4 (October 23rd, 11:00 UK Time) – How to be a good and effective leader in a law firm – Kamila Kurkowska

This training will focus on adaptive leadership principles to help female lawyers effectively navigate challenges, foster a resilient and inclusive workplace, and inspire their teams in a dynamic law firm environment.

Session 5 (November 6th, 11 UK Time): International Business Development by Adopting multicultural Agility – Lee Aloni, VP Global Business Development, Nishlis Legal Marketing

Gain insight into how to best navigate diverse cultural landscapes with agility and sensitivity, an essential facet for women in law in today’s globalised legal environment. Learn how to expand your legal practice on a global scale, tapping into new markets and opportunities while navigating unique challenges faced by women in the field.