Nishlis Legal Marketing and its partners in the business community are excited to present you with the latest Doing Business in Israel – Legal and Business Guide 2018, which provides a close and insightful view from inside the Israeli economy. Latest market trends, new regulations and the fast-paced and informal business culture are some of the topics discussed by Israel’s preeminent experts.
Israel’s top-tier law firms shared their own observations that offer numerous insights into market trends, opportunities, challenges and must-know issues for companies, investors and GCs interested in Israel.
Even with the regional geopolitical challenges, the Israeli economy has been identified as one of the healthiest and most stable in the world,” points out Yigal Arnon & Co. 
Other insights, which can be found throughout the various chapters of the guide include:

  • Entering the Israeli market? Learn vital insights about competition law from Tadmor & Co., Yuval Levy & Co., which frankly discusses the state of play in the Antitrust and Competition chapter.
  • Today, most of the capital invested in Israeli technology companies derives from foreign capital,” says Shibolet & Co. Learn what opportunities await you and your clients in the High-Tech chapter.
  • Intellectual Property is a key economic driver of the innovative Israeli economy,” points out  experts at Reinhold Cohn Group and Gilat, Bareket & Co. in the Intellectual Property chapter.
  • Mandatory arbitration has gained support from the Prime Minister, who sees imposing mandatory arbitration into Israeli law as top priority,” states Gideon Fisher & Co. in the International Arbitration chapter.
  • Israeli labor law is a breathing entity, constantly evolving through new legislation and labor court rulings,” points out Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co. Find out what every employer needs to know in the Labor and Employment chapter.
  • One notable trait of the Israeli courts is a striking preference for substance over procedure,” states Agmon & Co., Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. in detailed and insightful discussion in the Litigationchapter.
  • While US-based companies still constitute the majority of investors, Chinese interest is constantly increasing,” says Erdinast Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co. in the M&A chapter.
  • Conducting real estate transactions in Israel is now easier than ever,” points out Yigal Arnon & Co. in the Real Estate chapter.
  • The Israeli tax legislator is trying to promote legislation that will encourage foreign investment,” explains Gornitzky & Co. Understand more about the tax regime in the Tax chapter.
  • International families in the modern era of globalization and movement of people and assets adequate planning,” states Alon Kaplan Advocate & Notary. Learn more about trusts, estates and succession planning chapter.