Written by Eleni Chalkidou, Director of Strategic Communications.

Let’s be candid here for a moment: A potentially imminent recession (you heard it here first), the cost-of-living crisis coupled with a decline in consumer spending and a worryingly mounting inflation, makes law firms think twice about where to invest their money when promoting their skills and marketing services. 

So, before you make those cuts in the marketing budget, know this: Social Media marketing will endure; therefore, the name of the game is you must adapt to last. Here are the top three social media trends you will see more of over the next 12 months and some pointers on how to make the most of them.

  1. Collaboration with market influencers will become as important as industry communities 

2023 will see an increase in law firms and businesses working with influencers but also building on their community industry groups 

Pointers: Find an influencer by LinkedIn endorsements, follower calibre & numbers and by monitoring their industry relevant posts and conversations. Ask: Can we produce content in collaboration? If yes, explore further until you find the correct fit for your law firm. Also: How do I create a community group that will debate the latest industry trends to attract interest? 

  1. Social media direct messaging (DM) and chats are now the top method of engagement 

Direct messaging via social media and chat groups will grow further and is seen as an acceptable way to reach out to stakeholders. 

Pointers: If your team members are new or not active on social media, provide workshops for them to teach them how to engage their audience through social media platforms. Ask: How can I engage and connect with relevant audiences on social media to help me stay informed about trends in my industry? 

  1. Pick personal over bulk email marketing  

No, email marketing is not dead. But if you want to connect with your clients on a more personable level, use social media platforms to humanize the tone of your content.  

Pointers: Nobody wants to see a self-promotional message, but most will appreciate informative industry trends and developments (that also show off your expertise.)  

Ask: Is the language I use natural and transparent? Does my content tell a story that evokes emotions and is relatable? Do you appreciate and thank your team? 

If you have any questions about any of the above, get in touch via my DM. (See what I did there?)