How to Upload Legal 500 Submissions/Referees

In light of the new submissions uploading process, Adina Grossman, head of our Legal Submissions Department, has created this short tutorial demonstrating how to upload your submissions and referee templates. Step 1:Make sure you have your correct log-in information.  You should have received an email from [email protected]  (the username will be a variation of the [...]

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Legal 500 – Technical Tips on How to Submit

With the Legal 500 submission date only 4 weeks away, Adina Grossman, head of our submissions department, compiled some technical tips to ensure a smooth submission process: You should have received an email with your Legal 500 log-in details – verify now that the username and password work correctly.  If not contact [email protected] further assistance. [...]

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Legal 500 Tips Straight from the Editor

Lee Saunders, Consultant and Marketing Communications Manager Nishlis Legal Marketing, recently caught up with the dedicated Middle East and Africa editor of Legal 500, Jonathan Armstrong, who provided good food for thought for Israeli law firms, old and new, to digest about the upcoming research for the Israel chapter of Legal 500. General  Q Will you be [...]

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From Chambers to Legal 500 – Key Differences

We often get asked about the differences between the international legal directories Chambers and Legal 500. Both have been going a long time and have a strong reputation in the market with clients. Who is better? One is chicken and the other lamb. Is it different meat, same gravy? Following hot on the heels of [...]

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