Lawyers: Leading with Empathy

“Soft skills” have been wrongly labelled as such, for some time, overshadowed by the legal and technical abilities professionals have developed - effectively, the very education they paid for, in sweat, time and tears. 

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International Law Firms with an Israel Desk – Who are they?

With Israel seen as a vibrant business destination, more and more international law firms view the country as a gateway to lucrative opportunities. An estimated 75 law firms are active in relation to Israel, whether they have an Israel practice or presence in the country. Whether you are on the ground here or not, our new Israel [...]

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From Chambers to Legal 500 – Key Differences

We often get asked about the differences between the international legal directories Chambers and Legal 500. Both have been going a long time and have a strong reputation in the market with clients. Who is better? One is chicken and the other lamb. Is it different meat, same gravy? Following hot on the heels of [...]

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The Good Wife with the complicated life

It might be winter outside but who needs to go out when The Good Wife is back on TV! The current series focuses on Carrie Agos, managing partner of Florrick, Agos & Lockhart, being accused of conspiracy. The story shows how this crisis affects the lives of his co-managing partners Alicia Florrick and Diane Lockhart, [...]

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The Good Wife with The Good Life

One of my favorite shows on TV is The Good Wife. It is one of the few shows that has managed to hold the same quality every season and even keeps getting better. Working in legal marketing definitely makes it more relevant to my life and I am particularly fond of Julianna Margulies as an [...]

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