Firms need to make their clients the subject, not the object, of the firm’s existence and purpose. Everything you do in legal marketing should be centered on strengthening your brand, creating value and delivering a genuine client experience, and that include every piece of content you post. The visibility of client driven content will build your brand, develop your USP and enhance your marketing goals.

Directory and awards submissions

Time-consuming, unchanging and mysterious: Legal directory or award submissions do not have to be any of these. A submission is neither a complex legal paper nor a literary masterpiece. The writing of submissions is highly methodological and requires a level of understanding and strategy, and we help with training, planning, reviewing and delivering best practice to maximize your chances of success, whichever guide or award you are submitting for.

Marketing materials

To reach, be seen by and attract your target audience, content is crucial. For your content strategy to be successful, you should commit to assessing, reviewing and editing the marketing collateral you already have and plan to create the marketing material that you really want to present. From traditional to online brochures, pitch materials, case studies and more, we are there for you.

Research and reports

Our interviews with GCs and Perception Reports are just the tip of the services we carry out to present lawyers with valuable insight into what clients look for from their outside counsel. These reports are often a valuable tool in marketing and business development, allowing management to make appropriate changes to focus and strategy where necessary.

Digital and social media content

Social media success today is more than just getting likes and comments and shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other platform of the day. It is first and foremost about strategy, visibility, engagement and lead generation. From profiles to posts, blogs to articles, we generate content and help you to build connections and turn them into referrals and clients.

Website content

The Web is such a powerful platform but communicating to your clients and winning over potential clients through your website demands careful planning and constant reviewing. As the first impression of your firm, your website should be a showcase for your expertise, aligned with the brand and traits of your firm and mirror the values and aspirations of your target clients. Content is key to get people to revisit your website and effectively communicate with potential targets.

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