International Business Development.

Outbound business development is more than sending a delegation abroad once a year or throwing your business cards around at an industry conference. If you want to do it right, partner with the experts. Nishlis Legal Marketing helps you to formulate a strategic plan in order to target potential clients in a structured way, from building your messaging and a targeted network to creating relevant thought leadership opportunities. We work with leading PR and communication firms in the legal sector, another crucial factor in producing a flow of new business opportunities.


Entering new and competitive markets demands a clear strategy. We work with you closely to drill down to your specific objectives, draft and implement a strategy that produces results. Whether you are planning expansion abroad or increased prominence in target markets, we build a long-term strategic plan that positions you prominently in the eyes of buyers of legal services.


Israel Desks has emerged as a vital business tool, bringing Israeli and International law firms focused on Israel together, to network, exchange knowledge, improve their outbound activity and create opportunities for clients. From conferences to updates, our widely distributed Israel Desks magazine to our annual Israel Desks league tables, we help you to showcase your expertise to a wider and targeted audience.

Perception analysis

Winning repeat and attracting new work is the holy grail of all law firms. Knowing how clients choose outside counsel, what clients specifically look for and value, and how they see you in the market are among valuable insights provided by our Perception Analysis Reports. Use these observations wisely to hone and sharpen your skills and improve the quality of your service.

Media & communications

Knowing the right business and trade media abroad and obtaining coverage is a vital tool in the business development armory. Our colleagues work closely with you to find opportunities to position you before clients as a thought leader, either in print or online media. Furthermore, we extensively use social media to engage and reach out to prospects.

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