Today, authenticity is paramount. We are incredibly multifaceted, complex, evolving works in progress, viewing the world through two eyes and one unique perspective. All qualified lawyers, to massive varying degrees, have legal knowledge, professional training, and certificates, but your individuality, approach to a challenge, finding a solution for a client, etc, well THAT is your superpower. 

Some attorneys like to get more personal, others more commercial, practical, and to the point, but as the power of AI grows, the need to be human, sound human, and connect will go further than it may have ever done. 

In this first post, I wanted to take a look at some ideas for personalizing your content. In a follow-up post, I will look at interactive and high-impact content, as well as more commercial-led topics that you can discuss internally.

Empathy and human-focused content

Many lawfirms have always struggled with conveying their human side to their audience. But with users increasingly turned off by overly promotional content that screams “look at me, look at me, look at me,” finding a different angle is important. Once upon a time, consumers wanted businesses to come across as professional and formal. That won’t fly in 2023, even in the legal sector. 

Lean into relatability, emotions, and empathy. That’s the key to building real connections with your followers. For example, there are many popular posts as blogs or LinkedIn posts that get personal AND add value. 

Big up your own role models – remember your clients are people who will also be able to relate! 

(i) Family values: Homespun wisdom as a parent or from Grandma

Find a link between an inspiring relative and being inspired as a lawyer. In the increasingly complex world of tech, the simplicity of a relationship with a grandparent can be an angle to delve deeper into a topic, and connect to an audience. 

For example, there is an account on LinkedIn called LawDad – where a law firm partner writes personal, inspiring and creative posts about his values, lessons his kids teach him, he seeks to teach them, and personally ties that in with his field of law, and obstacles he or his clients face.  

(ii) Tales of resilience: Your story

These are endless but there are the challenges of 

(a) a minority fitting in and navigating a sea of different challenges that your clients may well relate to.

(b) those who have overcome adversity, be it neurodivergence, physical disability, or accident, which your clients may well relate to.

(c) those who failed, were challenged, lost everything, fought back and rebounded to where they are today, which some of your clients WILL relate to. 

(iii) Social responsibility 

Marketing professionals have also made it a point to highlight social responsibility and green initiatives in their content. With more professional awards and recognition for pro bono, ESG, diversity, and community-driven initiatives, are you thinking more deeply about what content you have in-house, or can you champion a client’s story? 

Your involvement in sustainability and community initiatives leads to different and personalized content – and introduces initiatives that clients or prospective clients may also be interested in. 

Look to see if you have lawyers who: 

(a) are involved in leading recycling initiatives – such as ending the use of disposable utensils in boardrooms and office kitchens. 

(b) volunteer at second-hand fairs or car boot sales (in the UK) to encourage smart consumerism. 

(c) assemble furniture out of recycled materials. 

(d) spend time volunteering at food banks, animal shelters, homeless shelters, schools, etc. 

One of the most rewarding activities, when I worked in-house in London, was being part of a team of volunteers who went to read with primary school kids, one lunchtime every two weeks, in a deprived area of London. Both parties looked forward to it and I got a huge amount of joy out of it – and it drove up energy and mood levels on returning to the office!  

Your content needs to make it obvious that you connect with your customers — otherwise, it won’t land with your audience. While you should continue to congratulate lawyers on this deal or award or promotion, combining personalization, vulnerability, and knowledge will increasingly be one of the go-to solutions to connect to, engage with, and win over prospective clients.