2024 Trends in the Legal Sector

As 2024 stretches out in front of us, the legal sector is undergoing rapid evolution amid heightened competition and complex challenges, including the cost-of-living crisis, demand for specialized knowledge, and disruption from alternative legal service providers (ALSPs).  In the face of COVID, law firms demonstrated versatility and resilience; going forwards, we would expect to see [...]

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Being smart about artificial intelligence

Written by Lee Saunders, head of content at Nishlis. Artificial intelligence will continue to grow in its usefulness but will always rely on the creative input and vast real-world experience of lawyers and General Counsels – not merely to avoid mistakes, but also to propel companies to the next level. Within two months of its November [...]

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Impacts of the evolving legal landscape on General Counsel

According to a recent survey of General Counsel by Nishlis, the evolving legal landscape has impacted the role of in-house counsel in many ways. Regulatory change, compliance, data protection and global and/or geopolitical uncertainty were among issues worrying GCs. Factors like increasing business complexity, growing regulatory scrutiny, and the changing needs from external legal counsel [...]

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The evolving legal landscape and the role of in-house counsel

Nishlis Legal Marketing Annual GC Survey, in Partnership with ACC Israel. As the legal landscape continues to evolve, the role of in-house counsel has become increasingly critical for organizations worldwide. In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards expanding in-house legal departments. As showcaswed in the Nishlis Legal Marketing annual GC survey, in [...]

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ChatGPT an impressive but developing tool in legal marketing so far

ChatGPT is a potential tool, not a replacement Here’s why: These days ChatGPT is rarely out of the news. It is OpenAI that has developed the AI-based chatbot, ChatGPT, which has attracted millions of users worldwide in the space of just a few months.Many of my friends, spanning a wide range of industries from journalism [...]

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Legal marketers are as busy as ever – here is why

Legal marketers are busy, busier than ever as a matter of fact. Inflation is still high, global growth is projected to fall and the war in Ukraine remains a major threat to vital industry sectors.  After growing 3.7% in 2021, demand for law firm services fell 0.1% by the end of November 2022, according to [...]

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A decade of growing foreign legal interest in Israel

Ten years have passed since Israeli legislation first allowed law firms that specialize in the law of a foreign country to open in Israel. In an article featured in Israeli financial paper “Globes”, on the third anniversary of the legislation, it was said that “one can hardly say that the large international law firms have [...]

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Israel 2022 High-Tech Activity Report

There has been widespread speculation on the performance of the high-tech sector in the current climate, but the landscape in 2022 still showed strong and positive signs. While the numbers were down on a record-breaking 2021, they were considerably up on 2020 (and showing promise early in 2023). In 2022, There were 100 exits, 66% higher [...]

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Five Tips for New Partners for 2023  

You have started the year with a bang: the promotion you have been working hard towards and striving for. A huge congratulations. Your mother may be calling her friends, as we speak. This is genuinely wonderful news for you. “With great(er) power, though, comes great responsibility.” Forgive me, I may have had too much Spiderman over [...]

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What law firms can learn from the World Cup

Eleni Chalkidou, Director of Strategic Communications and Lee Saunders, Head of English Content at Nishlis Legal Marketing, look back on the World Cup 2022 and draw parallels to the legal sector. Over 1 billion people from across the globe watched a dramatic final that saw Argentina pick up the FIFA World Cup trophy for the first [...]

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