Tomorrow, Chambers will publish their highly anticipated results for the latest edition of Chambers Global – and very soon, our social media feeds will be understandably flooded with posts by law firms writing how honored and proud they are of their new rankings. 

In light of this, Lee Saunders, head of content and Eleni Chalkidou, director of strategic communications at Nishlis, had some fun exhanging ideas on how to approach tomorrow – with your clients in mind.

Eleni: Hey Lee, guess what? Chambers Global is just around the corner! Any tricks up your sleeve on how firms can rock their announcement?

Lee: You got it, kiddo! First off, I would ditch the lawyer-jargon. Talk like you’re chatting with your favourite client. Think, what’s in it for them? Speak their language, find the human angle and highlight how the rankings are a reflection of their expertise and how that will benefit clients. What’s your take?

Eleni: I hear you! And yes, everyone feels honoured, proud and is oh so humbled, but let’s drop those and instead, be specific. How about we get creative in showing off what makes each firm stand out?

Lee: Bingo! Share the juicy detail, the wins, the quirks – be real. Now, these rankings are part of a bigger story. How do we make that narrative work for us?

Eleni: Yes, let’s make it personal. I am Greek, I can start smashing some plates!

I am kidding! You want to see the journey, right? How did the lawyer or their firm get there? The highs, and even the lows make for a good story. Now, what about timing – any hacks to stand out in the publishing chaos?

Lee: Slow and steady wins the race. No need to be the first out the gate. Prepare in advance, craft the personalised message, and pick the perfect moment. But how do we keep the buzz alive beyond the rankings?

Eleni: Easy. Get your team involved, ask your clients to share their thoughts, and build a community vibe. Express gratitude, not for the rankings, because you deserve those, but for the people that made it happen. It’s always about the people.

Lee: Now that’s a true story! So, in a nutshell, be client-focused and creatively different, tell a story, time it strategically and keep the conversation alive. Let’s make those Chambers Global announcements truly impactful!

Eleni: Bring it!