Talking Pride with… Jeremy Seeff

As part of Pride month we have been interviewing key figures in the legal industry for our series "Talking Pride with…" We are excited to share insights from Jeremy Seeff, Partner at Epstein Rosenblum Maoz (ERM) . In this interview Jeremy discusses with Nishlis Legal Marketing the impact of identity on career choices, the importance of [...]

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Talking Pride with… Roy Sexton

As part of Pride month we have been interviewing key figures in the legal industry for our series "Talking Pride with…" We are excited to share insights from Roy Sexton, Director of Marketing at Clark Hill and Past President of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). In this interview Roy discusses with Nishlis Legal Marketing the [...]

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Legal marketing and the Euros: a common goal

"It's a game of two halves: IFLR/Chambers in the first 45 minutes, and Legal 500 in the second." Ok, I am mixing my metaphors but while collecting football stickers with my eight-year-old nephew, it hit me that legal marketing bears a striking similarity to the Euros tournament starting in Germany on June 14.  Both legal marketing and [...]

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Warsaw Morning Briefing: Legal Directories – Tips, Tricks and Insights

With the recent launch of our Warsaw office, Tier One Rankings, powered by Nishlis Legal Marketing, we invite you to join us for an exclusive briefing. We will start by presenting our 2024 survey results with regards to legal marketing in Poland, presented by, Olena Tymofiienko, Head of the Warsaw Office. Deeply connected with editors and [...]

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IsraelDesks Magazine April 2024 Edition

Whichever way you slice and dice it, these are challenging times in Israel but out of adversity there is a great deal of hope, solidarity and innovation. One such country where this recently proved evident was Germany, Israel’s strongest trade partner in the EU. “There is a lot of compatibility between this big German economy [...]

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Mind the Gavel: Let’s shake up Mental Health in the Legal Community

By Eleni Chalkidou, Director of Strategic Communications  Ah, the legal profession, where justice is served, court battles are fought, and lawyers duel with words sharper than an Obsidian blade. From courtroom dramas to intense negotiations, the legal world can be a high-pressure environment that demands mental fortitude.  Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of the [...]

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Legal 500 Preparing for the 2023 EMEA Submissions

EMEA Deadline: August 8, 2022Editor: Ella Marshall Submit via a firm’s log in details.  Legal 500 Practice Area DefinitionsDownload Legal 500 2023 Submission TemplateDownload Legal 500 2023 Referees TemplateDownload Please find below questions and answers which will help you improve your upcoming Legal 500 submissions: How important is the submission in the process?  The submission is [...]

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How to choose client referees for international submissions?

Client references are a critical component of the research. Our number one tip here to choose the most effective and the most current/active client referees would be to choose clients who:  have a good working knowledge of the team and its reputation and have worked with the department over the last 18 months;are available, willing and responsive [...]

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2021 Summary – The Numbers Behind the Legal Sector

The resilience of the Israeli economy, driven by the vibrant tech and booming real estate sectors, has shone over this challenging year. The groundbreaking business intelligence tool, Legal-BI tool, which analyzes data in the legal sector, reflects these trends with some insights about the increasing workload for law firms and those involved. 2021 has given [...]

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