ITR, World Tax and World Transfer Pricing are now open for submissions (click here to read our previous post) and with the March 9 submission deadline fast approaching, Euromoney hosted a webinar explaining their new portal system and tips to ensure your submission stands out from the pack. 

The new single portal system helps to optimize your submissions by enabling firms to create one account that can be used for all Euromoney legal research brands, including World Tax and IFLR 1000. All information from this cycle onwards will be saved onto the portal, streamlining future submissions to ensure an easier and faster process. Please find attached the link to the Euromoney portal.  

In the webinar last week, the Editor for World Tax, Jonathan Moore, elaborated upon expectations for firm submissions within the brand’s format. Like many directories, World Tax has a three-tier system that analyzes evidence provided by firms, peer feedback and client referees. 

Directories expect firms to provide evidence that displays innovation within their practice and jurisdiction. Moore explains that this is particularly difficult with tax law, as it is advisory in nature and quite confidential compared to other legal fields. His solution is to allude to the essence of the work and whether it will affect or challenge regulation. It is important to clearly highlight when and how certain dealings are innovative to ensure that the researcher does not overlook key information.   

With regards to client referees, the information is collected together and then assessed in a qualitative way. According to Moore, a common mistake many firms make is choosing big name referees, rather than well informed ones. While having a CEO as a referee may seem impressive, individuals who can only talk about one partner is of little help to the researcher. Therefore, it is important that firms choose referees that have a comprehensive understanding of their work and the market so that they can effectively explain what sets the firm apart.

Moore also touched upon the awards process for World Tax. Unlike many directories where the researcher determines the rankings, the World Tax researcher will hand off a long list to the Awards Ranking Team who will then make their decision. Any submission is automatically eligible for regional awards. 

To watch the webinar, please find the link here.