No one, accept us, likes to write legal directory submissions – period. Between Chambers, Legal 500, IFLR1000, and different legal directories that seem to keep popping up like daisies, we seem to be continually swamped in a pool of confusion that detracts us from our daily work, and somehow always seems to fall in the middle of a holiday!

There always seems to be the same questions that come up at the beginning of every submission process: “Haven’t we submitted something recently?”, “Haven’t we submitted to this directory already?” and my personal favourite, “We do not have time to write about what we do because we are busy doing what we do – and being the best at it.” I can relate, really.

But how will everyone know you’re ‘the best’ if you don’t spread the word? The progress of your firm, the biggest deals of the year, the innovations and complexity of the merger that required the unique expertise your team possesses; all of these accomplishments will simply become a footnote of little importance if you don’t take the time to plan, prioritize, and execute your strategy over other, less important tasks. Admit it: you haven’t been doing this (I know you haven’t).

This is basic stuff, but crucial nonetheless; if it’s important for us to be included in the ranking we should cooperate and invest the necessary time in reading the submission, providing an update on the progress of cases, and scheduling strategy meetings with the legal directory submissions team on time (not a week before the submissions deadline). Let me repeat myself: these are the basics.

If we can do these simple things, it will help us to work in an orderly, strategic and efficient way and produce a good submission – one that we could even submit on time!

We already know you’re the best at what you do.

Now let us help you show it!