Thank you to the 80+ viewers who had joined us in this years Annual  Legal Marketing Event, to raise a toast for the Israeli legal marketers and to listen to the insightful Ross Fishman discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of law firm branding.

Our annul legal marketing event is our moment to thank our colleagues for their hard work and incredible efforts throughout the year. More so in a pinnacle year, like 2020, where despite all the hardships and challenges, they haves demonstrated creativity, persistence and innovation while navigating their firms, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, through the Covid crisis.

Branding is one of the hottest topics in legal marketing today―that is, building your reputation in a way that positions your firm above your competitors. This is an especially effective strategy during COVID, when legal services buyers are looking online to evaluate the quality of the firms they are considering hiring.

We were thrilled to have branding expert Ross Fishman, CEO of Fishman Marketing, share his knowledge and expertise.

Missed the presentation or want to recap the insights? Click here to view the webinar.

Click here for the presentation slides

See you all next year, in person, for the 2022 annual legal marketing event.