A survey offering a glimpse into the world of Israeli legal advisers and provides insights gained from the study, which every lawyer, domestic and foreign – who has activity in Israel, must read and comprehend.

Among the trends, seen in this years report and in relation to the post-Covid reality, is the fact that more Israeli companies are expanding globally, thus hiring more international law firms, but using an average of 1-2 firms (as opposed to more pre covid). Also, the lack of business travel and in-person contact has led to GCs relying more on their Israeli law firms, more than before, for recommendations and referrals. 

The research answers questions such as which law firms in-house counsel prefer to work with? What are the considerations in choosing an international or domestic law firm? With how many international and domestic law firms do GCs work with? What kind of legal work do companies prefer to outsource to law firms and what do they prefer to leave internally? In addition, the study examined trends in face of the Covid crisis, for example, whether and how the crisis affected legal spending and the amount of work sent to law firms.

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