As you begin to implement your marketing plan for 2019, we look at key lessons that will help you after the global ranking guides are published and before the next cycle begins:

  1. Department Profilesand Lawyer Biographies – Keep Website Fresh 
    To keep your website and marketing material fresh, update the department profiles based on the ‘Shop Window’ section – the main firm description – in the submissions. To keep your lawyer biographies up to date, edit the biographies based on those biographies also used for submissions.
  2. Directory Quotes – Give Weight to Your Practice
    Update your website pages and marketing material with the valuable quotes from the most recent directories, ideally as soon as the guides are published. 
  3. StatisticsNot Marketing Speak
    Extract key data from each submission and prepare a bank of posts for the beginning of the year, for example: “Our firm represented over 100 class actions in 2018,” or “Our firm was involved in 20 mergers and acquisitions.”
  4. External Communications – Let Clients Know Your Rankings  
    Client Update
    – In a newsletter to clients and international firms, include a summary of your new rankings, an outline of your transactions and court achievements, preferably visually, to showcase what you can do, and have done, for clients like them. 
  5. Press Release– Issue a press release on the website and social media summarising the rankings of the departments and lawyers.  
  6. Keep Client Relationships Strong 
    References and Foreign Firms
    – Make note of the names of the firm’s you worked with and mentioned in submissions in order to maintain contact with them in 2019.
  7. Client Recommendations– Stay in touch with the clients that you would like to include this year in your client recommendations and give them extra attention starting today so that they will recommend your firm in the next ranking round. Ask for feedback on your service.ntion starting today so that they will recommend your firm in the next ranking round. Ask for feedback on your service.
  8. Internal Communications– Knowledge is Power
    Prepare an internal memo for the entire legal team including the main activities of each department over the past year. If the silo mentality is an issue in firms, sharing positive information with each other encourages cross-selling.
  9. Business Development – Your Pitches are Ready 
    Use the data and main points of activity from submissions to prepare a pitch for each department (preferably a well-designed presentation saved as a PDF), which can be extremely valuable when potential for new clients emerge.
  10. Planning for 2019 Submissions
    This is the time to conduct an analysis of the 2018 submissions (what worked well, what didn’t work as well, work procedures, gathering material, etc.), strategy for 2019 submissions, setting goals and objectives.

About the Submissions Department

Nishlis Legal Marketing has unparalleled experience in Israel in the field of legal ranking guide submissions.

We see submissions as an ongoing annual process and not as a specific one-time event. This systematic view enables us to strategically plan out the year, which translates into rises in the various ranking guides.

This year, our Submissions Department is expanding significantly and is partnering with RMPC, a New York consulting firm specializing in international legal ranking guides, to create Tier One Rankings, a global submissions company with offices in Tel Aviv, New York and London and an extensive team of experts – all former editors of the world’s leading ranking guides.