Written by Daniela Malca, submissions coordinator at Nishlis Legal Marketing.

The Chambers website has three new features that will help you make the most of your firm’s submission process. 

Referee Management 

As you know, referee feedback is crucial to receiving a Chambers ranking. Available from June 2022, Chambers is implementing a portal system that will help you maximize your referee input. 

With this portal, you will be able to see when research is starting and at what stage of the process your referee will be contacted. This will help you facilitate a conversation between Chambers and your referees, as you will be able to let them know when they should expect a call. 

Furthermore, for the first time, Chambers will inform you when they have made contact with a referee and when they have not. This is invaluable information, as you can notify referees who could not be reached to pick up their phones! 

Quote Image Generator 

Another great feature is Chambers’ quote image generator which, can turn customer quotes into professionally designed images, optimized for all social platforms. Available in May, this is an indispensable marketing tool that will enable you to utilize all your positive feedback.

Best Practice Guides  

Starting in May, Chambers will start publishing how-to guides and articles, focused on optimizing your June submissions. Not only will they be giving expert tips on submissions, but also general marketing and business development tactics. 

For more information on all these new features, please refer to your firm’s personal Chambers account.