Legal BI’s analytic tool is the groundbreaking application that you need to give you the best, information to make confident, informed and strategic business decisions. 
Legal BI uses vetted and trusted legal business information on the web and unique big data analytics to show you where law firms and lawyers are ranked, individually and comparatively, who their clients are, with who companies do business with and many other vital reports and insightful reports that no firm or legal department can do without. 

Look at all the mentions and rankings of all law firms and individuals, breakdown of rankings of law firms by department. How do you compare and what can you now do? 

Legal BI provides unmatched access to a law firm’s client base, expose comparative strengths of law firms by comparing their client base.

Conduct market research and gain unprecedented market intelligence by displaying the legal panel of any company. 

Access any law firms’ legal activity and deal flow for ongoing updated information on legal activity. Sort or filter according to date, matter, or business sector.  

Legal BI is a flexible tool that gives you unparalleled actionable information, never before available, vital for any legal professional interested in legal business in general and in legal marketing and business development in particular. 

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