TopNet, Israel’s first legal network, has officially launched with five top-ranked niche law firms: Leading IP and Patent law firm – The Luzzatto Group; Renowned Litigation firm Ilan Sofer & Co.; Premier Tax boutique Benjamini & Co.; Israel’s largest Real Estate firm Gindi Caspi Law Office; and the commercially acclaimed Y. Ben-Dror Law Offices.

Founded by Nishlis Legal Marketing, TopNet is a referral network consisting of leading law firms, with a specific niche expertise, all of whom are ranked in the highest tiers by various legal ranking guides. 

“We are excited to launch Israel’s first legal referral network aimed at firms with first-rate reputations in either niche areas of law or particular industries. With clients preferring law firms to have expert knowledge in a specific field, we saw an opportunity to build and grow an exclusive network, with only one law firm per niche, and drive referrals between such firms,” said Idan Nishlis, CEO of Nishlis Legal Marketing.  

We would like to thank our member firms for their trust, enthusiasm, and participation, and are excited to see your referral work grow. 

If your law firm enjoys a particular niche expertise, learn more about how you can join and benefit from TopNet by contacting Rotem: [email protected].