According to a recent study, 68% of LinkedIn users were likely to use the social media site to find a lawyer, and 94% use LinkedIn to research an attorney that was recommended to them. Social media is one of the premier ways to attract legal clientele and only continues to gain more attraction. In this constantly evolving field, it’s important for lawyers to keep their LinkedIn pages and content updated and relevant. 

A key feature of the LinkedIn platform is LinkedIn Groups. Groups allow people and companies with similar interests and career goals to exchange questions and give advice. In the legal field, many groups are utilized to discuss developments in the law, new initiatives and technologies that impact the field, or how to further grow their practices and customer base through marketing. By joining LinkedIn groups, lawyers are connected to likeminded individuals in order to ask questions and to seek guidance on various issues.

LinkedIn groups are an exclusive forum for people with common interests to learn more about their fields as well. Just by joining a group, lawyers can learn about new practices and protocols, current events all over the world related to their industry and have a great opportunity to network. Just by being a passive user of a LinkedIn group, lawyers can learn extensive amounts of new and relevant information for their personal use or for their firms.

We arranged a must-join list of groups for lawyers to join on LinkedIn. This list includes groups for legal business development/marketing, Israel-specific and global groups, and specific groups for different legal practices. 

Article written by Griffin Topel, summer intern at Nishlis Legal Marketing