The first ever IsraelDesks League Tables – Legally Israel 100, showcasing law firms that are involved in Israeli deals and with Israeli clients is now live on:

In 2012, international law firms were allowed to enter the Israeli market as Israeli clients needed to branch out beyond Israel, especially in the field of technology.

Today, there are more than 100 international law firms, some of the largest in the world, with an Israeli desk. Approximately 20 of these firms have a physical presence in Israel.

This rapid growth has made it very difficult to differentiate between the international firms operating in Israel. Historically, Israeli firms have used personal connections and international ranking guides to assess the quality of the foreign firms that they referred their work to. Today the situation is different. Many international law firms visit Israeli firms on a weekly basis, relationships are more common than they were in the past, and the legal directories rank the global law firms in their different countries, but not the Israeli desks themselves, which actually handle the clients or cases from Israel. 

Therefore, we decided to launch a first-of-its-kind ranking guide that will focus specifically on the Israeli desks of international law firms and thus make their quality and professional level accessible to Israeli law firms.

The ranking guide, Legally Israel 100, features quantitative rankings, measuring the volume and value of matters, showing the most active international law firms in guiding Israeli clients around the world. Thus far, the ranking is divided into the following practice areas: Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Litigation, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Funds and High-Tech.

Approximately one third- 35 law firms – submitted easy forms to participate, from boutique firms to the largest firms in the world.

The data depicts the strength of activity of Israeli companies worldwide, and as a result the activity of the Israeli desks that represent them. 

In 2018, foreign firms were involved in more than 60 mergers and acquisitions, 60 capital market cases, almost 70 real estate transactions (mostly outside of Israel), nearly 80 litigation cases involving Israeli companies, and much more. Following our extensive analysis, the hi-tech field showed more than 100 examples where Israeli clients were represented by international firms.

This ranking valuably captures which international law firms are active in each field, and who is representing Israeli clients outside of Israel and foreign clients coming into the Israeli market. As more Israeli firms take steps to be more global, this interaction between international and Israeli firms is only expected to continue.