As submission season hits the fast lane in Israel, with Chambers the next junction in June, we set out a few pointers to help you give them what they need and help you maximize the time you have available.

At 15 practice areas, Israel is one of the busiest jurisdictions in the market and time is critical for the researcher.

The submission process is very important. It is the ‘voice’ of the firm – the researcher does not aim to speak to you about your own firm on the phone so get the submission right.

1) The submission provides the essential context by telling Chambers exactly what the firm is doing. This is the main source of factual information about the team and its work.

2) Do not go over 20 matters and stick to the timeframe. The Chambers guides are living, breathing and fresh, each year. Publishable and confidential matters are treated equally for the purpose of research.

3) Explain the complex side of it. This demands your thoughts. Get across what was important or unusual about the structure of the deal or case. 

4) Useful referees are contactable and helpful! They should generally be open, and whether answering by telephone or e-mail, should share their knowledge and opinions freely. Ideally, they will know more than one firm, so they will be discerning purchasers of legal services!

5) Deadlines are rigorous, but we would rather have a slightly late submission than no submission. No explicit deadline extensions will be given, so firms simply have to gauge the risks of a late submission themselves.

6) Interviews do not directly help a firm climb the rankings. Interviews are key to providing vital market feedback and trends.